Business(1/10-15) – New Year, New Goals: Here are 2024’s Hottest Resolutions

1.We’ve analyzed the fascinating online conversations about resolutions to find out which goals are trending right now. And if you think about it, New Year’s resolutions say a lot about our ever-evolving world at this very moment. So, if you’re hoping to aim your brand strategy towards societal trends as well as people’s goals and priorities this year, this data might help. Let’s get to it.

Are we making more resolutions?

2.We used Brandwatch Consumer Research to discover how the online conversation about New Year’s resolutions has evolved. And by the looks of it, the number of resolutions we’re making is trending upward from last year.

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3.On January 1 this year, over 150,000 people mentioned New Year’s resolutions online – showing an increase of almost 20% from last year’s data. Over the previous five years, 2024 saw the second-highest number of unique authors discussing resolutions on January 1 – just behind 2022’s data. So, it looks like we’re having more desire for positive change in our lives.

What were your new years resolutions for 2023 which of them did you fulfill and which of them did you neglect? Why? 

4.Yet, looking at the chart below, there are still plenty more negative mentions than positive New Year’s resolution-related mentions. However, the data shows that the number of negative mentions is going down while positive mentions are on the up. In fact, negative mentions about New Year’s resolutions have been trending downward since 2018. 

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5.So maybe we’re not all Scrooges about goal-setting after all. Now, let’s see which resolutions have been popular this New Year.

2024’s most popular resolutions

We collated a list of popular resolutions to see which ones are the most commonly made online.

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6.This year, learning something new remains the most popular resolution for the third year in a row. People are quick to share their new learning endeavors online, and this offers a great opportunity for relevant brands to share how they can help individuals learn new hobbies, develop skills, and ultimately better themselves.

Please choose one of your 2024 new years resolutions and expand on it, for example by giving some more detailed steps to how you believe you can achieve it.

7.Travel is on the up, sitting at the third most popular resolution this year. It’s risen from ninth place in 2023 as more and more people look at exploring the world in a post-pandemic era.

8.Saving money has risen from tenth place to fourth this year. This change might be attributed to the increased cost of living and general inflation. Brands might benefit from keeping this in mind when marketing to consumers, crafting tailored solutions or financial offerings that address these evolving priorities and ease the financial strain consumers may be experiencing at the moment.

9.Let’s dive deeper into this year’s data compared to last year. Taking a look at the difference in the number of unique authors discussing resolutions can tell us a bit more about how our priorities are changing.

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What do you think explains the changes in priorities shown in the graph above?