Regular: Istanbul in One Day Sightseeing Tour(2:24)

Warm Up

  1. What comes to your mind when you think about Turkey? Do you think Turkey is part of Europe, the Middle East, or Asia
  2. Even if you don’t practice religion, would you like to visit churches, temples or mosques?
  3. Would you like to try Turkish street food (gyros, etc.)? Have you eaten street food before? Do you prefer restaurant food or street food for casual eating?


Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!
After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂
  1. How many continents does Istanbul belong to?
  2. Approximately how many shops belong to the Grand Bazaar?
  3. What special feature do shops in the Grand Bazaar offer?
Key Words & Phrases
Do you understand the following Key Words & Phrases? Your teacher will select Key Words & Phrases and ask you about their meanings.
If you don’t understand, your teacher can explain them. Afterwards, try to use the Key Words & Phrases to make a sentence!
  1. This city is huge and full of history.
  2. Istanbul is by far my favorite city nowand the sites are stunning.
  3. Tiled rooves, and domes,
  4. They are like nothing I have ever seen.
  5. There are tons of gorgeous views.
  6. It is breathtaking,
  7. I don’t think I’d feel worthy of eating on such a beautiful plate.
  8. It is awe inspiring.
  9. Definitely the most grandest of bazaars I’ve ever been to.
  1. What flavor of ice cream do you like the best? How about other sweets?
  2. When traveling, what are your favorite souvenirs and items to buy for your friends, family, or coworkers? What about shopping for yourself?
  3. After watching the video, has your opinion of Turkey changed? What are some new things you have learned about the country?

Tongue Twister

  1. She sells seashells by the seashore
  2. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
  3. I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop
  4. I have got a date at a quarter to eight; I’ll see you at the gate, so don’t be late
  5. Willie’s really weary
  6. Tom threw Tim three thumbtacks
  7. He threw three free throws
  8. Nine nice night nurses nursing nicely
  9. Wayne went to wales to watch walruses
  10. We surely shall see the sun shine soon


00:00 – Welcome to Istanbul.

00:09 – This city is huge and full of history.

00:11 – And it is the only city on earth

00:13 that belongs to two continents.

00:17 – Istanbul is by far my favorite city nowand the sites are stunning.

00:23 The mosques that we’re going into

00:25 have these tiled rooves, and domes,

00:27 and are like nothing I have ever seen.

00:32 – I am standing in front of the Topkapi Palace,

00:33 which was the largest palace for

00:36 sultans in the 15th century,

00:38 and inside there are tons of gorgeous views

00:40 of the Bosphorous Sea, and also the largest treasury.

00:43 We have a lot to look at inside.

00:47 This beautiful building I’m standing in

00:48 is the Imperial Court, this is where they had

00:50 all kinds of meetings and decided

00:52 all kinds of laws, things like that.

00:54 Everything is covered in gold leaf.

00:55 There are these dome ceilings, it’s just gorgeous.

01:02 The Hagia Sophia does not look that fancy

01:04 on the outside but once you get in it

01:06 it is breathtaking, and it’s famous for this

01:08 huge dome on top and for Byzantine architecture.

01:12 It’s just stunning.

01:17 – This is the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

01:19 It is the largest bazaar in the entire world.

01:22 There are approximately 4,000 shops here,

01:25 and there are shops selling everything,

01:27 but the one that catches my eye is the pottery shop,

01:29 so let’s go check this place out.

01:32 This place is cool, it’s actually a small shop,

01:34 but it’s packed full of pottery and plates and vases.

01:37 I don’t think I’d feel worthy of eating

01:38 dinner on such a beautiful plate.

01:43 One the great things about the Grand Bazaar,

01:44 is you come into a shop and they order you tea.

01:48 This store is so cool. It’s full of thousands

01:51 of pashmina shawls. They’re made out of silk,

01:53 and cotton and the beard from a goat.

01:56 They’re beautiful. Mom’s love them.

02:00 Wow Istanbul is amazing.

02:01 – We absolutely love this place.

02:04 I think my favorite part had to be seeing

02:05 the Blue Mosque and also (inaudible).

02:07 It is awe inspiring.

02:09 – My favorite part was definitely seeing

02:10 all of the beautiful sites.

02:12 Definitely the most grandest of bazaars I’ve ever been to,

02:14 it is so awesome.

02:16 – You will absolutely love this city.

02:17 – You’re gonna love it.

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2. 4,000

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