Women Tried to Style Halloween Costumes as Outfits

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Warm up

  1. Have you ever dressed up for Halloween?
  2. Do you like dressing up, wearing costumes?


  1. What did their co-workers think about their outfits?
  2. Would they work as regular clothes?
  3. Did it look like it was from a Halloween store?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. Obsessed (with Halloween)
  2. you get a really cool costume that really only works once
  3. ”For the simple fact that…”
  4. Find pieces that can be worn outside of Halloween
  5. My mother raised me better
  6. This is harder than I thought
  7. A hat is the only thing I found that’s reasonably normal
  8. It’s entirely see-through
  9. This is the last size that they have
  10. There’s no way I’m squeezing all this body into an extra-small
  11. I kinda half-expected it, but
  12. I would wear this on a normal basis
  13. I came into this thinking it would be, not like a breeze, but way easier
  14. I had to abandon ship and just go for it
  15. She made it work
  16. Just to add a little something
  17. Set it off with some shades that I already have
  18. I fully see it


  1. Would you try this challenge?
  2. Do you think those costumes could pass off as normal clothes?