(6/3) Uluru in Australia named best place to watch the sunset

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1.Some of us plan our holidays just to see that perfect sunsetand get the perfect picture. But where can you see the world’s most beautiful sunset?

2.Luggage storage company Bounce thinks it has the answerand it’s at Uluru, the 348-meter-high red rock in the center of Australia. Also known as Ayers Rock, it’s an important place for Indigenous Australians, and it’s also very popular with tourists.

Uluru – Traveling Barnions

For travel inspiration, do you ever use Instagram or blogs? How do you decide where to go next?

3.Uluru was ranked at the top of its list based on a number of different things. It looked at the number of Instagram posts that included a place and the word “sunset,” as well as the number of recommendations for places from blogs and articles.

4.It also looked at light pollution in each placeand Uluru has very little. Tours take visitors to Uluru just for the sunset, and there are many different places to see it from. However, visitors are not allowed to climb Uluru anymore.

Climbing Uluru is no longer allowed. Do you know why this decision was made, and what are your thoughts on it?

5.Second on Bounce’s list was the Maldives, while the East Maui volcanoalso known as Haleakalā — in Hawaii was third. Unlike Uluru, visitors to the volcano climb to the top to get the best viewIt’s also a popular place to watch the sun come up in the morning.

6.The Greek island of Santorini was next on the list, while the temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia were fifth. But don’t worry if you can’t go to all of these places yourself — we can all enjoy a sunset wherever we are!

・What’s the most beautiful sunset or sunrise you’ve ever seen?

Which of the places on the list would you like to visit?