Regular: Japanese Food Night Tour in Tokyo(2:22)

Warm Up

  1. What is your favorite dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
  2. Which do you like the best, beef, pork or chicken? Have you ever tried any other meats before (lamb, kangaroo, etc.)? How was it?
  3. What kind of foods would you recommend for travelers in Tokyo, and where would they go to try them?


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  1. What is the first thing that they eat, and how is it seasoned?
  2. What did they eat for desert, and what kind of flavors were there?
  3. Other than food, what else did the tour guide talk about?
Key Words & Phrases
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  1. Tonight we are going to dive into this city’s cultural scene.
  2. Eat like a local!
  3. Eating is at the top of this list.
  4. They’re using different things to season.
  5. The favorite part of the evening was the fact that the tour guide was so involved.
  6. We’ve made it to our final stop.
  7. Yeah, mix it up!
  8. This has been such a stupendous evening.
  9. Strolling through the streets of Tokyo
  10. It felt like we were hanging out with a group of friends.
  1. What do you like to drink? Do you drink any alchohol? Do you go out to drink or at home? Do you think social drinking is an important part of establishing relationships with coworkers
  2. What do you like to do on your day off? At night?
  3. If you must live somewhere other than Tokyo for one year, where would you like to live?



00:07 – Japanese cuisine is some of the most loved in the world,

00:10 so naturally a visit to Japan means eating

00:12 is at the top of the list.

00:14 Tonight, we are going to dive

00:16 into this city’s culinary scene,

00:18 and eat like a local.

00:21 – Oh, we are going to stop for three different places today

00:25 and we are going to have some yakitori and some monjayaki

00:27 in two different areas in Tokyo.

00:30 – First thing we’re gonna eat is yakitori

00:32 and we’re watching them grill it up here.

00:35 They’re using different things to season,

00:37 some sake, some salt, different sauces.

00:43 Delicious.

00:46 We’ve stopped to pick up our desert.

00:47 This is mochi, so sticky rice,

00:50 and there’s red bean paste

00:51 and different flavors you can get.

00:53 This is the green tea.

00:55 Oh, it’s delicious!

00:58 – The favorite part of the evening

00:59 was the fact that the tour guide was so involved.

01:01 So she doesn’t only tell you about the food,

01:03 she also tells you about the neighborhoods,

01:05 the architecture, the buildingshistory.

01:07 There’s a lot of eating but also learning at the same time.

01:12 – A neat part of this tour

01:13 is that you actually take the metro

01:15 to get to another part of the city.

01:17 Here it comes.

01:23 We’ve made it to our final stop.

01:25 Here, we’re gonna have monjayaki.

01:28 – People really enjoy the food

01:30 because sometimes they just think about Japanese food

01:32 being only sushi or tempura

01:34 and actually we’re doing some different things in here.

01:37 – Yeah, mix it up!

01:39 This dish is called okonomiyaki, so it essentially means

01:42 whatever you like.

01:44 We’ve got pork, cabbage, curry.

01:48 Hey! (laughs)

01:51 Mmm and I really like this.

01:52 I like the flavors of it.

01:55 – [All] Kanpai!

01:58 – This has been such a stupendous evening.

02:01 Strolling through the streets of Tokyo

02:04 we stopped at a number of places,

02:05 tried things like okonamiyaki

02:07 and yakitori,

02:09 and best of all, it didn’t feel like we were on a tour,

02:12 it felt like we were hanging out with a group of friends.