Is Amazon Prime Worth $119?(2:48)

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00:02 for Amazon Prime
00:03 it’s a $119 a year subscription that
00:07 gets customers things like free
00:08 expedited shipping music and movie
00:12 lesser-known programs but is paying a
00:17 the biggest feature that’s included with
00:20 Amazon Prime is its free two-day
00:22 shipping which a company says is offered
00:26 with same-day delivery on certain items
00:27 but that’s not the only way to get items
00:30 shipped to you for free if you don’t
00:33 Prime members can get items in five to
00:35 eight days on orders over $35 or
00:40 upped the ante and now offer free
00:42 two-day shipping on orders over $35 and
00:45 you don’t need a subscription if you
00:47 want to see how often you use your
00:50 download a copy of everything you’ve
00:54 see if it’s really worth it when I
00:55 looked at mine I found I did most of my
00:57 shopping right before Christmas so if
00:59 you’re mostly using Prime around the
01:00 holidays like me you can actually just
01:02 subscribe to it for one month which is
01:04 only thirteen dollars and then cancel it
01:06 after the new year
01:07 prime also gives you access to its video
01:10 streaming service but Prime video pales
01:12 in comparison to Netflix
01:14 well Amazon is pouring about five
01:16 billion dollars into original content in 2018
01:19 Netflix says it will invest eight
01:24 cutters are starting to take notice a
01:26 survey by Morgan Stanley revealed that
01:28 39% of consumers said Netflix has the
01:33 video only scored five percent another
01:35 thing you get with prime is its basic
01:41 however that doesn’t even come close to
01:46 million songs you can listen to if you
01:48 don’t mind the occasional
01:49 ad Prime membership will also now give
01:52 you an extra 10% off sale items at Whole
01:56 deals if you exclusively shop at Whole
01:59 Foods these savings will definitely add
02:01 up over time but for the rest of us the
02:03 savings are probably only a couple of
02:07 to Whole Foods I didn’t save anything
02:13 benefits like the ability to rent one
02:15 free ebook for your Kindle every month
02:17 unlimited subscription to the video game
02:20 streaming service twitch and a discount
02:23 to the Washington Post
02:25 so is Amazon Prime worth it
02:28 if you’re someone who makes a lot of
02:29 small purchases on Amazon the
02:32 is invaluable but if you rarely shop on
02:35 Amazon and you don’t mind waiting a
02:37 couple extra days to get your stuff then
02:39 you should definitely save your money
02:40 and who knows without the convenience of
02:43 free two-day shipping you might even
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