Canadians Try American Poutine(2:05)

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Warm Up

  1. Do you know any Canadian foods? 
  2. Have you heard of poutine? 
  3. Do you think it sounds weird? Do you think it would taste good? 
  4. Do you think the Canadians will be pleased with the American poutine? 


  1. What do American people call poutine? 
  2. How did the Canadians feel about the American poutine?
  3. How much money would that girl pay to eat the poutine?
  4. How much would the guy pay?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. I remember this looking better.
  2. I would pay 3 dollars at the most for this.
  3. You would have to pay me to eat this.
  4. This one’s got a garnish
  5. There’s no discernable gravy/cheese curds
  6. The fries are well done
  7. I feel like I’m gonna regret learning what this was
  8. Hard to mess up
  9. Not my favourite, but it’s edible
  10. If my goal is eat poutine, this is not it.


  1. Do you think American food is good?
  2. What do you think about American sushi?
  3. Do you think poutine could become popular in Japan?
00:01 right I have never had american-made
00:08 poutine I don’t know what they think
00:13 here and that turns me off
00:15 I remember this looking better smells a
00:18 bit like gasoline is that today
00:27 curds look like they’re shredded it
00:29 doesn’t get awful but it’s kind of got
00:31 the texture of glue is terrible
00:33 I would pay like three dollars at the
00:36 most for this Canadian I would not pay
00:38 anything for this you’d have to pay me
00:40 to use no this one’s got a garnish this
00:50 one doesn’t have cheese curds I don’t
00:54 I mean there’s no discernible gravy
00:58 is also terrible
01:00 the fries are well done which I like I
01:03 paid I paid three bucks for this I mean
01:07 that’s ridiculous
01:08 poutine is like a snack food
01:11 mm just chunks of meat in here way too
01:14 meaty I feel like I’m gonna regret
01:16 learning what this watch the meat is
01:17 great fine hard to mess up still not my
01:20 favorite but you know eat a edible
01:23 my goal is eat poutine this is not it
01:28 spensive here are they important
01:31 everything from Quebec it doesn’t taste
01:33 like it this is not the game you tried
01:37 America I think that’s the important
01:38 part I feel bad for my American friends
01:42 that have to try this and this is what
01:45 they think poutine is this has made me a
01:47 little homesick and a little tell me sir
01:51 that was a thing that happened