(4/18-22) – People often rely on YouTube videos to make health-related decisions

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Do you ever watch health-related content on YouTube? Where do you get most of your health information from? 

4. YouTube is also a popular source of health-related content. Studies indicate that the percentage of U.S. adults watching this kind of content on YouTube has increased from 40% in 2020 to 59% in 2022. People are not only watching health-related content on this platform, but also use it to seek support from others who share similar health-related conditions, find answers to their health-related questions, and even to gather information prior to planned medical interventions.

5.  Recognizing this trend, in 2022 YouTube introduced the “YouTube Healthinitiative aiming to help individuals find trustworthy sources of public health information. Study authors Fatma Mohamed and Abdulhadi Shoufan wanted to explore the experience of users watching health-related videos on YouTube.

6.  They were interested in the share of users that watch this kind of content and how often, how many of them make decisions based on YouTube health-related content, how they perceive the quality of the content, and in a number of other topics.

Do you find it concerning that so many people make health-related decisions based on YouTube videos?

Do you agree that trusted medical sources should add more health-related content to YouTube?

7. The study surveyed 3,000 YouTube users via Prolific Academic, requiring participants to be English-fluent and over 18 years old. The online survey inquired about demographic information, behaviors related to viewing YouTube’s health-related content, decision-making influenced by these videos, perceptions of their usefulness or bias, quality assessments, and suggestions for enhancing the quality of health-related video content.

8. The findings revealed that 2,630 out of 3,000 participants (88%) watched health-related content on YouTube, and 2,542 (85%) made decisions influenced by YouTube’s health-related videos. Additionally, 44% indicated that their choice to consult a doctor was influenced by YouTube content. Among the participants, 16.5% frequently watched health-related videos, and 15.7% often made health-related decisions based on YouTube content.

9. In the realm of health-related content, exercise and bodybuilding videos were the most popular, watched by 53% of the participants. This was followed by mental health (47%), well-being (42%), diet programs (37%), dermatology (28%), and cosmetics (23%), with other content categories attracting fewer viewers.