What To Eat In San Francisco(2:59)

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Warm up

  1. What do you think of San Francisco?
  2. Is there any particular food you want to try there?


  1. What is a cronut?
  2. What did the girl think of the shrimp dumplings?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. San Francisco is quite the foodie heaven
  2. it lives up to its expectations
  3. it’s worth every single calorie
  4. I’m gonna eat the whole box
  5. There’s so much room in here, I’m eating this all
  6. Those are so bomb
  7. it’s so good I can’t get enough
  8. So are you down for Eastern?
  9. it’s a food lover’s paradise
  10. if there’s one place you have to eat at it’s called ___


  1. What differences are there between Tokyo and San Francisco?
  2. What about similarities?
  3. Do you want to live in San Francisco?
  4. Did this video change your perception of San Francisco?

Role play

  1. Your teacher has gotten lost again. Please help them to find the place.

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00:08 hi guys we are here in beautiful San
00:10 Francisco today and I got my friend
00:12 Cynthia with me hi guys I heard the San
00:14 Francisco it’s quite the foodie heaven
00:16 and I want to find out if it lives up to
00:18 its expectations well there’s only one
00:19 way to find out you ready oh yeah
00:30 so this is our first stop it’s called
00:32 mr. Holmes bait house they’re known for
00:35 the roughing and it’s like a mix between
00:36 like a muffin and a croissant sounds
00:39 like it’s worth every single calorie and
00:41 already yeah I’m sorry
00:43 oh my god just stealing us that day oh
00:48 I’m not kidding you this is the best
00:51 pastry I’ve ever had
00:52 if you’re ever in San Francisco you need
00:54 to come to mr. Holmes and get the
00:56 cruffin
00:56 I’m gonna eat the whole box is that okay
00:58 oh my gosh no you need a safe room this
01:01 is just the beginning oh there’s so much
01:02 room in here I’m eating this all this is
01:08 San Francisco’s Chinatown and it’s
01:11 literally like one of my favorite places
01:12 ever
01:13 there’s just gift shops everywhere the
01:18 Dorothy oh my god just seems like the
01:20 lanterns and stuff so yeah
01:25 oh my gosh look hit that one oh my god
01:29 this is it yeah okay what color you like
01:33 dim sum I love those okay I got just the
01:36 place let’s do it oh my god this
01:39 barbecue pork bun those are so bomb you
01:42 have to try it thank you
01:50 so we got some shrimp dumpling my
01:53 favorite oh my god
01:56 how is it it’s so good I can’t get
01:59 enough don’t get too full or so are you
02:02 down for Eastern oh yeah
02:04 okay let’s do it
02:09 so this is a fairy building it’s a food
02:12 lover’s paradise
02:13 so if anyone loves food if you’re pretty
02:16 you have to have to come here
02:24 okay if there’s one place you have to
02:26 eat at it’s called island the clam
02:28 chowder the grilled cheese or oysters
02:31 are fresh everything about it is so good
02:34 so does that right the tofu thing live
02:38 up to the height honestly I’m so
02:40 impressed from eating baked goods to dim
02:42 sumclam chowder and oysters I am in
02:45 love with a San Francisco food scene if
02:49 and thank you so much for showing me
02:51 around and for the special day and
02:53 Cheers
02:54 cheers to you guys