Visit City of San Jose California | “The Capital of Silicon Valley” |

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00:03 today we’re going to take a closer look
00:06 at the beautiful city of San Jose
00:10 welcome to the sunny city of San Jose
00:13 the capital of the Silicon Valley San
00:15 Jose is the tenth largest city in the US
00:18 and was made famous by being home to
00:23 Jose weather gives residents 300 plus
00:28 around 73 degrees making it the perfect
00:31 place to plan your next getaway San Jose
00:36 offers many attractions your family’s
00:38 sure to look an all time favorite for
00:41 children and adults to visit is the
00:42 happy hollow parks and zoo here you can
00:45 see a hundred and forty different types
00:47 of animals from monkeys to Jaguars catch
00:50 a puppet show and sit in on some of the
00:52 zoo’s educational classes slip and slide
00:55 your way through raging waters the best
01:00 rides like the Barracuda blaster and the
01:03 serpentine slides your family is sure to
01:05 have a splashing time we didn’t forget
01:08 about our sports letters baseball fans
01:11 can see the San Jose Giants run the
01:15 Stadium if you like hockey then stop by
01:18 the HP Pavillion and see the San Jose
01:20 Sharks beat their opponents on the ice
01:22 soccer fans be sure to catch the San
01:25 Jose Earthquakes
01:26 score a goal at any one of their home
01:31 cinnabar hills golf ball this club is
01:34 consistently ranked in the top 10 golf
01:36 courses in Northern California beginners
01:39 can stop by the Practice Center and get
01:41 lessons instructions or camps top off
01:45 your day by experiencing San Jose’s
01:49 is a great way to enjoy fabulous wine
01:52 and relax you can also check out the
01:55 Temple Bar & Lounge or the Blanc Club
01:57 where the stage is thumping with bands
01:59 that matter however you choose to spend
02:01 your time in San Jose whether you are
02:03 shopping at the Santana Row or touring
02:05 the Winchester Mystery House this city
02:08 is sure to make it memorable
02:20 date ideas for your
02:26 even pay your utilities all brought to
02:29 you by the business men and women in the
02:31 400 local business categories city of
02:34 comm more local fast