Business Part 9: The 4 Ps of The Marketing Mix Simplified(2:46)

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Warm Up

—- **FOR NEW STUDENTS**————————————————

  1. What industry do you work in and what is your role?
  2. What are your responsibilities in your role/position?
  3. Can you describe to me the function of your workplace/company?
  4. How many departments, how many offices. National or International?
  5. What is the Minimum requirements for employment i.e Education or Experience?
  6. How many opportunities are there to ‘move up the ladder’?
  7. What is the process for changing job roles i.e Interview? Test?


General discussion about your workweek:

  1. Current projects? Deadlines? Opportunities?
  2. Anything of interest happening?



Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!
After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂
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Key Words and Phrases

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00:03 the marketing mix it’s a combination of
00:08 the 4ps
00:17 we talk about product we mean things
00:19 like the quality of the products the
00:21 design the packaging that’s sold in and
00:24 the brand price not only refers to the
00:28 retail price but also any discounts you
00:31 accept payment plans are there any
00:33 specific credit terms that the customer
00:35 has to borrow money to buy your product
00:38 promotion deals with any advertising
00:41 personal selling are their sales people
00:48 gets the word out place you have a
00:52 retail location or a storefront do you
01:05 but first you need to know your target
01:07 market who are you going to sell
01:09 hamburgers to well I know that your
01:13 target market will affect your four p’s
01:15 in this case you’ll want a very high-end
01:23 expensive stinky mushrooms hey that
01:26 sounds delightful you’re going to have
01:28 to charge a lot because your cost will
01:30 be high $25 a good promotion might be an
01:37 and a perfect place to sell the
01:39 hamburger would be at the Polo Club okay
01:43 but what if we have a different target
01:45 market what about this guy please man
01:49 this marketing mix won’t work for him
01:52 consider a vegetarian burger you won’t
01:58 to loan him money you’d including good
02:02 karma fries will encourage him to spread
02:04 the word and selling them in a public
02:06 park would be a good idea
02:12 our rule again we should adapt the
02:17 sea the waterproof packaging would be a
02:19 good idea
02:20 he doesn’t have any cash but has plenty
02:22 of goats on board and who doesn’t love a
02:25 free viking helmet wool and you’ll need
02:29 to deliver so there you have it the four