Business part 20.5: Business Class Introduction by Sean. Thank you!!! (2:22)

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  1. Thank you for watching our school introduction video.
  2. TALK ENGLISH is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced English school located 500 meters from Edogawabashi station in Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo.
  3. We offer a range of learning experiences. Our in-school classes cover numerous subjects such as Travel, Culture, Medicine, Business and our school accommodates for multiple groups up to five people.
  4. TALK ENGLISH fosters conversation as a key component to developing your skills, We use a range of materials to aid our discussions including short videos and articles.
  5. Through smart TVs and tablets, our students can enjoy a more modern approach to learning.
  6. Our website updates daily with keywords, phrases, and extensive lesson notes so you can do your homework in your own time.
  7. Let me introduce the business class, the focus of this class is to further students understanding of the unique concepts and practices found in the business world.
  8. Designed with career-motivated people in mind, this class also helps in building the vocabulary in anyone who chooses to attend.
  9. This lesson will be about SWOT analysis, with an accompanying video.
  10. For those new, to the class, we have warm-up questions, an opportunity to speak about yourself and get to know your classmates.
  11. Below this is the listening questions, to test and develop your abilities to understand native English when being spoken by a variety of accents.
  12. Keywords and phrases, expanding and developing our vocabulary whilst also learning useful business lingo.
  13. And Discussion questions. Here we expand on what we have learned in the video and take an opportunity to discuss how we can use this new found knowledge in our working lives.
  14. Thank you for watching the video, and for more details, tuition and classes, please check our website. we are looking forward to meeting you.