Regular – 3-Day Garden Route Tour and Safari from Cape Town, South Africa

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Warm Up

  1. What do you know about Africa? Have you ever considered traveling there?
  2. What’s your favorite animal and why?
  3. Have you ever been on a safari before? If not, would you? Would you ever get close to a lion or a tiger?


Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!
After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂
  1. What were they surrounded by during their safari trip?
  2. What route is the most popular route in South Africa?
Key Words & Phrases
Do you understand the following Key Words & Phrases? Your teacher will select Key Words & Phrases and ask you about their meanings.
If you don’t understand, your teacher can explain them. Afterwards, try to use the Key Words & Phrases to make a sentence!
1. After a scenic drive through the semi-desert region of the Garden Route.
2. We’re doing a meet and greet with three gorgeous elephants
3. Today, I’m going on safari, where I’m hoping to see the legendary Big Five.
4. This is unreal.This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, these majestic elephants.
5. This journey east of Cape Town is filled with outdoor adventure and wildlife


scenic view of Kyoto

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  1. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
  2. What kind of wildlife does Japan have? Have you ever seen out in the wild (on the road)?
  3. What is your trip of a lifetime that you have taken or want to take
00:07 – I have three days to tour the incredible
00:09 Garden Route east of Cape Town.
00:11 On this road trip,
00:11 I’ll be adventuring, exploring,
00:18 – This is a opportunity to travel through
00:27 – [Narrator] After a scenic drive
00:28 through the semi-desert region of the Garden Route,
00:30 we finally arrive at an ostrich farm
00:33 where ostriches have been raised for more than a century.
00:38 So if you want, you actually get a chance to feed the ostriches.
00:46 Next stop on the tour,
00:47 the Cango Caves.
00:49 Located in a limestone ridge,
00:51 the Cango Caves have over two and a half miles of dripstone caverns.
00:55 From stalactites to stalagmites,
00:57 you learn all about the geology and formation
00:59 of these caves.
01:01 Good morning, it’s a new day,
01:02 we’re off to our next activity.
01:04 We’re doing a meet and greet with three gorgeous elephants,
01:07 it’s gonna be really fun.
01:10 Hi. You’re so sweet. Oh, I love you too!
01:21 These rangers are like family to the elephants.
01:23 They’ve raised ‘em since they were babies
01:25 for the last 16 years.
01:27 They are so well-loved and cared for,
01:29 the elephants are just so affectionate.
01:32 For our next stop on the tour,
01:34 we’re gonna take to the water
01:35 on a two-hour canoe ride with a professional guide.
01:43 I had such an amazing time.
01:45 The canoeing was absolutely amazing,
01:47 and then it just got better and better.
01:50 – [Narrator] Then, the world’s highest bridge bungee jump.
01:54 I’m with Tony. He’s been on our tour.
01:56 He’s brave enough to actually jump off the bridge.
01:58 How do you feel?
01:59 – Yeah, I’m starting to get a little bit nervous
02:01 now that we’re actually here.
02:03 – [Narrator] If you’re gonna bungee jump,
02:04 this is the place to do it,
02:05 because it’s one of the highest jumps in the world,
02:08 and you get some major bragging rights.
02:14 Today, I’m going on safari,
02:16 where I’m hoping to see the legendary Big Five.
02:18 We’re probably 20 feet from this giraffe,
02:21 we’re so close.
02:24 Oh my god! Are you kidding me?
02:29 Do you see the male lion?
02:34 on either side of the truck.
02:35 This is unreal.
02:37 This is the moment I’ve been waiting for,
02:42 There’s a whole family in there,
02:48 This journey east of Cape Town is filled
02:52 and some of the most beautiful country on earth.
02:54 The Garden Route in South Africa
02:55 is the road trip of a lifetime!