Regular – Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Tour in New York City, New York

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00:08 – [Host] There’s no question that New York
00:09 is massive, with lots to see.
00:11 One of the best ways to get around the city
00:13 quickly and efficiently is on the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus.
00:21 It’s super colorful.
00:24 That’s where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.
00:30 Just arriving at Bryant Park. It’s next to the library,
00:38 If you wanna check out the Empire State Building,
00:40 this is the stop. This thing is massive.
00:42 It’s seriously incredible.
00:45 There are a variety of tickets to choose from,
00:48 and how long you will be in town.
00:49 [Host] You can book a one, two, or three day pass,
00:52 each with a mix of routes.
00:54 There’s so much to do, and so many cool stops!
01:01 We just hopped off at Union Square. Let’s go look around.
01:10 There’s this cool app that lets you know where
01:12 the closest stop is and when the next bus is arriving.
01:14 Oh. Oh! It’s right up there. Ah!
01:27 and it’s amazing at night.
01:30 [Host] The night tour option is a two-hour tour,
01:32 but it’s not a Hop-On Hop-Off.
01:36 The river cruise takes you out into the Hudson,
01:37 so you can see this impressive skyline from the water.
01:40 This was such a great way to see New York.
01:45 what we were seeing with the on-board commentary, and
01:48 best of all, it took the stress out of finding our own way.