Some Americans Go All Out Decorating Homes for Halloween

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Warm Up Questions

  1. What do you think about Halloween?
  2. Do you like dressing up?
  3. Do you like horror movies?


  1. How many people came to Nicole’s house?
  2. Why does she like scaring people?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. Ghastly creatures emerging out of the darkness
  2. Just hanging around
  3. Trick-or-treating
  4. Things that go bump-in-the-night
  5. It’s a pretty expensive hobby, but it’s well worth it.
  6. It’s my passion
  7. I look forward to it each and every year
  8. I get a thrill out of people walking up to the driveway
  9. I really like the Halloween spirit
  10. A graveyard with zombies emerging from the earth
  11. Let your imagination run wild
  12. Let loose
  13. Creepy
  14. Morbid
  15. Without people looking at you funny
  16. All Saint’s Eve is observed
  17. Peculiar
  18. Extravagant


  1. Compare and contrast Halloween in America and Japan.
  2. Would you like to visit a decorated house for Halloween in America?
  3. Are there any similar experiences in Tokyo?
  4. In the spirit of Halloween, do you have any scary stories to share?
  5. If you don’t like Halloween, which holidays do you like?

Role Play

A: A trick-or-treating child

B: The owner of a house participating in Halloween

A: *knock knock.* “Trick-or treat!”

B: Hello there! That looks scary/cute/gorgeous! What are you dressed up as?

A: I’m a _____!

B: That’s wonderful. Your costume looks great. You deserve some candy! I have Kit Kat, Snickers, Oh Henry, Mars bars, M&Ms, Smarties…what would you like?

A: Hmm, _____ please!

B: Here you go. Enjoy! Bye!

A: Thank you!