The Fluffiest Pancakes You’ll Ever Eat (Part 2 – Wet Ingredients 1:47-3:54)

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Warm Up Questions

  1. Do you prefer baking or cooking?
  2. Are you a picky eater?
  3. What is one food that you would refuse to eat? Why?

Listening (Please play the video from 1:47 to 3:54 only)

  1. If you don’t have buttermilk, what else can you use as a substitute?
  2. Should the egg be added whole or separately?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. There’s nothing more classic
  2. If you find yourself in a pinch
  3. Let it stand
  4. Curdle
  5. Yeah, up close it looks a little weird.
  6. Enhance the fluffiness
  7. Buttery and flavorful
  8. Make-or-break moment
  9. Until just combined
  10. Gently fold
  11. Picture-perfect
  12. I cannot stress this enough
  13. They’re also the most debated
  14. Add the egg whites separate from the egg yolk
  15. Different properties
  16. Beat the separated whites into soft peaks
  17. Save yourself some time
  18. Unbeaten/unwhipped
  19. I mean, who really wants to break out the hand mixer at 7:00 am, am I right?
  20. Snotty egg
  21. Under-mixed
  22. Some lumps and small pockets of flour
  23. Batter
  24. Really get to know each other


  1. Continue your condensed recipe from the previous lesson!
  2. From your experience, do you disagree with any of the cooking steps shown in the video?
  3. Practice making another recipe for your favorite food!