She’s Bringing Ballet to the Streets of New York(3:26)

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Warm Up

  1. What do you think about ballet?
  2. What do you think about black people?
  3. What sort of street performances do you like?


  1. Has she seen a black ballerina before?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. Triumph over adversity
  2. Bringing them to tears
  3. Women of colour
  4. Biggest threats to the community
  5. ”That’s just life in the hood”
  6. some promise in ballet
  7. ”The adversity she faced
  8. ”to pursue a career in ballet
  9. grace the stages
  10. ”I had to work twice as hard
  11. Negative stereotyping
  12. Misrepresentations in the media
  13. ”I challenge stereotypes that exist for women of colour
  14. Profound
  15. Impact
  16. Viral
  17. Morphing and changing
  18. ”It’s hard to be what you can’t see


  1. Why is it harder for people of colour to be as successful in ballet?
  2. Do you think the misrepresentations are changing toward a more positive view today?