Regular(9/4) – Pointing and Slurping: Dos and Don’ts of World Etiquette

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1. Most people grow up learning certain manners that are a part of everyday life. But behavior that may seem normal in one place, could be seen as rude elsewhere.

2. A study by the company Remitly researched the etiquette of 165 nations, revealing some of the world’s surprising dos and don’ts. Whether you’re around the dinner table, on your way to an event, or greeting someone, every country has its own rules of how to behave.

3. From Russia’s rule of only drinking vodka on its own, to Mexico’s rule of only eating tacos with your hands, there’s a few things to remember when enjoying a country’s food and drinks.

(1)Do you find it easy to adjust your behavior when you’re in a country with different etiquette rules?

4. While eating noisily might be rude in many places, slurping your noodles in Japan can be seen as a way of appreciating your food and isn’t thought to be impolite.

5. However, eating with your hands is seen as rude in Norway, and in Luxembourg, chewing gum in public is not thought to be good manners.

6. Some countries also have rules when it comes to time. While it might be common to be late to an event in Spain, you might want to make sure you’re always on time in Sweden if you want to show respect.

(1)What do you think are the most important dos and don’ts for visitors to your country to learn?

(2)What behaviors from your country do you imagine visitors find strange?

7. Even if you are running late in Saudi Arabia, it is seen as rude to check the time whilst in conversation.

8. You might also want to be careful when using certain hand signals when traveling. In Iran, the “thumbs uphand signal is seen as very rude. However in Indonesia, it’s rude to point with your finger, and you should instead use your thumb.

9. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it’s rude to point at anyone at all, and if you want to shake hands with someone in Namibia, it’s common to use your right hand and hold your right elbow with your left hand.

(1)Have you ever accidentally broken an etiquette rule in another country?

(2)Have you ever had to deal with a very rude person in your personal or professional life?

(3)Are good manners as important in your country now as they were in the past?