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Bondi Beach – Beach Review | Condé Nast Traveler

1. Golden sand, clear blue water, maybe even some palm trees — everyone has an idea of a perfect beach. Finding the world’s best beach is probably an impossible task, but one travel company says it has found the world’s most popular beaches — according to TikTok, at least.
2. Destination2, a travel business from the UK, counted the number of views on TikTok videos that included the name of a beach in their hashtag.

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3. It found that Bondi Beach in Australia was the most viewed beach of all, with over 445 million views on the social media app at the time of the survey.

4. This was a long way ahead of Pattaya Beach in Thailand, which had more than 128 million views, and Nha Trang in Vietnam with more than 64 million. Bondi is just 7 kilometers from the center of Sydney, and is a popular place for walking, swimming and surfing.
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5. Including Bondi, Australia had three beaches in the top 10, while Vietnam had two — Vung Tau was fourth with almost 62 million views.
6. In the US, Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach, and Santa Monica Beach in California were also on the list, along with others in Dubai and Bali, Indonesia. The only European beach in the top 15 is Navagio on the Greek island of Zakynthos, where visitors share the sand with a shipwreck from the 1980s.

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