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  1. What industry do you work in and what is your role?
  2. What are your responses in your role / position?
  3. Can you describe to the function of your workplace / company?
  4. How many departments, how many offices. National or International?
  5. What are the minimum requirements for employment ie Education or Experience?
  6. How many opportunities are there to ‘move up the ladder’?
  7. What is the process for changing job roles ie Interview? Test?
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General discussion about your workweek:
  1. Current projects? Deadlines? Opportunities?
  2. Anything of interest happening?
1. Steve Jobs is best known as the co-founder of Apple Inc. and was a leader of the technological revolution in personal home computing. At the time of his death in 2011, he had a net worth of $7 billion.
2. Steven Paul Jobs was born in 1955 and was raised in what would become known as California’s Silicon Valley. The area would later become a hub of technological innovation, in part thanks to Jobscontributions.

(1)What did you know about Steve Jobs before reading this article??
(2)Do you find it surprising that Jobs started Apple when he was just 21??

3. In 1976, when Jobs was just 21 years old, he and his friend Steve Wozniak started what was then called Apple Computer in Jobsfamily’s garage. Wozniak’s idea was to create small personal computers that could be used by anybody, while Jobs would handle the marketing.

4. The two sold the Apple I — a circuit board built by Wozniak that was designed to be sold to computer hobbyists. In 1977 they created the Apple II, which, with its keyboard and plastic case, became a model for the personal computers that we still use today.
(1)Do you own any Apple products? If so, are you happy with them?
(2)In your opinion, what are the world’s most innovative companies?
5. The Apple II was a hit. By the time the company stopped selling them in 1993, about 5 million had been sold. In 1981 the company went public with a market value of $1.8 billion and in 1983 it was added to the Fortune 500 list faster than any other company had at the time.
Steve Jobs | Biography, Education, Apple, & Facts | Britannica
6. In 1985 Jobs was fired from the company he had helped create. He then started NeXT Inc., and bought controlling shares in the animation company Pixar. In 1996 a struggling Apple bought NeXT Inc. for $400 million, bringing Jobs back to the company. Over the next few years Jobs saved Apple from collapsing with products such as the iMac, iTunes, the iPod, and perhaps most famously the iPhone, which changed the way people.

(1)What were your professional aspirations when you were 21?
(2)Have you ever thought about starting a business? Do you know anyone who runs their own company?
(3)If you could take business lessons from anyone, who would you choose?

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