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Warm Up

  1. Have you seen this movie before? Did you like it? Do you know the actors in it?
  2. Who is your favorite actors and why?
  3. Have you ever seen a circus show before? Where/ When? What did you think? Was it a traditional style or more modern like Cirque du Soleil?


Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!
After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂
  1. Why was the main character dismissed (lost his job)?
  2. What did he say was the ‘point’ of his show?
  3. No one ever made a difference by (what)?
Key Words & Phrases
Do you understand the following Key Words & Phrases? Your teacher will select Key Words & Phrases and ask you about their meanings.
If you don’t understand, your teacher can explain them. Afterwards, try to use the Key Words & Phrases to make a sentence!
  1. Can I have your attention.
  2. You’re all dismissed
  3. Bankrupt
  4. Nobody is like anyone else
  5. And that’s the point in my show
  1. This movie is set in the beginning of second industrial revolution, do you enjoy movies set in this era? What eras do you enjoy the most? 
  2. Traditionally circuses used animals in their performances such as Bears and Lions but that has become increasingly unpopular. How do you feel about animals being used in performances?
  3. If you could be a circus performer, which type of perfomance would you like to give? (clown / acrobat / Animal tamer / freak / host?)

Describing pictures

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00:12 Can I have your attention
00:14 you’re all dismissed. Bankrupt
00:19 Better luck with your next job.
00:26 This is not the life I promised you, not even close we
00:37 girls I think I’ve had an idea
00:48 PT Barnum at your service
00:52 We are putting together a show and I need a star
00:57 Everyone one of us special
00;58 Nobody is like anyone else
01:02 And that’s the point in my show
01:05 Ready?
01:07 Showtime!
01:58 No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else
02:04 I can’t just run off and join the circus
02:07 Why not, you clearly have a flair for show business.
02:10 For show business? I’ve never heard of it.
02:13 Cause I’ve just invented it.