Business Part23: Your Greatest Talents(2:58)

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Warm up

—- ** FOR NEW STUDENTS ** —————————————- ———–

  1. [responsive voice voice = “US English Female” buttontext = “”] What industry do you work in and what is your role? [/responsivevoice]
  2. What are your responses in your role / position?
  3. Can you describe to the function of your workplace / company?
  4. How many departments, how many offices. National or International?
  5. What is the Minimum requirements for employment ie Education or Experience?
  6. How many opportunities are there to ‘move up the ladder’?
  7. What is the process for changing job roles ie Interview? Test?

——————————————————– ————————————————— —

General discussion about your workweek:

  1. Current projects? Deadlines? Opportunities?
  2. Anything of interest happening?

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Listening Questions

Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!
Did not get please? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you did not understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂[/responsivevoice]
  1. How many themes are measured in the strengths finder test
  2. What are Talents an instinctive and intuitive source of
  3. Name it, Claim it, and …..? 


  1. Is Zillion A Real Number? No, Zillion’S Not A Real Number. But It Is A Word You Might Be Tempted To Use If You Tried To List All The Talents Found Among Humankind. Creating A List Of Every Talent Is An Impossible Task, But If you step back, you’ll see that talents often have something in common – a theme that connects them. 
  2.  That’s what they have in common, their theme. So, to begin thinking about talking about them, about can, they can call them Some talents, like a natural tendency to share thoughts, to create engaging stories and to find the perfect word relate directly to communication. communication talents
  3.  The Clifton StrengthsFinder Measures The Presence Of Talent In 34 General Areas Or Themes Your Clifton StrengthsFinder Report Includes A Ranked Listing Of The Five Themes That Hold Your Most Dominant Talents – Your Signature . Themes Similar To Your Fingerprint, The Sequence Of Your Themes Is Unique Your report is a beginning, not an end. to you. The odds that someone has the same five Signature Themes in the same order as you are 1 in 33,000,000. 
  4.  Take This Opportunity To Explore Your Talents, Harness Their Power And Bring Them To Life Every Day. Try This -.. First, Name It To Begin Making Your Signature Themes Your Own, Grab A Highlighter Carefully Consider . Each Theme Description In Your Report Highlight You’ll know you’re highlighting the right things when you hear yourself say, “That’s me!” words and phrases that specifically resonate with you. 
  5.  Next, Claim It. Post Your Signature Themes And The Words Or Phrases You Have Highlighted In A Place Where You’Ll See Them Every Day. Share Your Report With People Close To You. Ask For Their Reaction
  6.  Then, Aim It. Pick One Of Your Signature Themes And Think About It For A Day. Ask Yourself How Can I Use This Theme Today? Where Can This Theme Make A Positive Difference In My Life Today? Begin To Flex This Theme By Using The action items provided in your report to hone your talents into strengths
  7.  Muscles Like, Strengths Can Wither If They’Re Not Exercised Regularly. What Will Be Your Daily Practice To Stay In Tiptop Shape? Once You Are Deliberately Using This Theme Every Day, Focus On Another Signature Theme. As You Start To Flex Each Of Your Signature Themes, you’ll find ways to build on your greatest areas of potential[/ responsivevoice]
  8.  Our Talents Are An Instinctive And Intuitive Source Of Wisdom And Power. When We Begin To Intentionally Tap Into This Power , We Gain The Ability To Transform Every Moment, Every Interaction And Every Day. You Have Dynamic Talents Just Waiting To Be Unlocked And Developed. Use your Clifton Strengths Finder report to name, claim and aim your Signature Themes


  1. What do you think your top 5 skills are? 
  2.  What skills do you think are best suited to your job
  3.  Which skills do you want to improve


  1. 34 general areas or themes
  2. Wisdom and power
  3. Aim it


  1. Zillion = Informal Word Zillion For An Extremely Large Number. After  A Billion, Of Course, Is Trillion. Then Comes  Quadrillion , Quintrillion, Sextillion, Septillion, Octillion, Nonillion, And Decillion.
  2. tempted / Persuaded = often used when describing something which is attractive but know it to be unwise
  3. among = near, inside a group,
  4. Amongst (preposition) (noun) = a word govering, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause, as in ‘the man  on  the platform’, ‘she