Regular – ‘Wordle’ Was the Most Googled Word of 2022

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Wordle was Google's top trending search term globally in 2022 | TechCrunch


1. In 2022, people used Google to find things more than ever before. But which topic was searched the most around the world?

2. Released in early December, Google’s Year in Search list for 2022 shows that, although the year saw events such as the war in Ukraine and the soccer World Cup in Qatar, the most-searched item was actually a word game, Wordle.

(1)Do you find it surprising that Wordle topped the list? Have you played it?

(2)Have you tried any search engines besides Google? Were they any good?

3. Wordle, the game in which players try to guess a five-letter word every day, was first created by programmer Josh Wardle to play with his partner. But after being released to the public in 2021, it went viral on social media and was even bought by The New York Times.

4. The second-most-searched item on the list was “India vs England,” which refers to India’s game against England at the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup in November. So you don’t have to Google it: England won.

“Ukraine” was the third-most-searched item, which rose quickly in February after Russia’s invasion of the country.

(1)What global events have you followed closely this year?

(2)What websites do you usually visit when you’re bored?

5. And while there was interest in the celebrations for her 70th anniversary earlier in 2022, when England’s longest-serving monarch died on September 8, “Queen Elizabeth” was Googled so many times that it rose to fourth on the list. Google also released the most popular searches in categories including Athletes, People and Movies.

6. Google’s most-searched athlete was tennis player Novak Djokovic, who was unable to take part in many of the year’s biggest tennis competitions after refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The most Googled person was Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp, and the most-searched movie of 2022 was Thor: Love and Thunder.

(1)What are your thoughts on Google’s Year in Search list for 2022?

(2)What athletes have made headlines in your country this year?

(3)What movies in 2022 were you excited to see? Did they meet your expectations?

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