Regular: Seoul Small-Group Korean Night Food Tour(1:59)

Warm Up

  1. What kind of international cuisine do you like?
  2. Have you ever been to Korea or Korea Town in Japan? Did you like it?
  3. Do you know how to cook any international dishes?


Before the video: Teachers will read the following questions aloud, please prepare for listening!
After the video: Did you get it? If not, please tell your teacher specifically which part you didn’t understand. Let’s review the video again 🙂
  1. According to the video, what is the best medium to understand other cultures?
  2. What are the two types of Korean rice cake?
  3. What kind of alcohol did they try?
Key Words & Phrases
Do you understand the following Key Words & Phrases? Your teacher will select Key Words & Phrases and ask you about their meanings.
If you don’t understand, your teacher can explain them. Afterwards, try to use the Key Words & Phrases to make a sentence!
  1. Tonight, we’re gonna take a big bite of Korea.
  2. My tummy was so happy.
  3. It’s something that’s very domestic.
  4. We really got to sample a whole array.
  5. Can’t go wrong.
  6. This is absolutely a must for anyone traveling to Seoul.
  1. Were there any Korean foods or drinks that you would like to try? What about Korean alcohol?
  2. What do you think are the cultural differences and similarities between Japan and Korea?
  3. Have you ever seen any Korean TV dramas or movies? What did you think about it? If not, please tell us why you are not interested in those?



00:07 – Tonight, we’re gonna take a big bite of Korea.
00:10 We’re going on a small group walking tour to taste
00:13 the very best that Korea has to offer.
00:16 Let’s eat!
00:19 – For the first place, we’re gonna go
00:21 to the Korean barbecue.
00:24 I believe food is the best medium
00:28 When it comes to Korean food, the way of eating is
00:35 – A little pork on a sesame leaf with some kang jung;
00:39 wrap it up and eat it.
00:43 Our second stop was tteokbokki,
00:45 which is the Korean rice cake.
00:48 What was wonderful is they had two versions of it:
00:53 My tummy was so happy.
00:56 – The food was good; the atmosphere was good.
00:58 It’s something that’s very domestic,
01:00 very unique to actually coming to Korea
01:03 and taking the O’ngo Food Tour, and being able to
01:05 go out and try new things.
01:09 – Everywhere we went, we got to try
01:10 lots of delicious drinks.
01:12 We got to taste soju;
01:16 and also a Korean plum wine.
01:18 We really got to sample a whole array
01:20 of Korean food and drink.
01:25 Finish it.
01:27 – This is our final stop,
01:30 a little sweet Korean food: patbingsu.
01:33 It’s shaved ice with flavor and red beans.
01:37 Can’t go wrong. (giggling)
01:42 I had so much fun on this food tour.
01:44 We got to stop at four different places;
01:46 sample all types of Korean cuisine.
01:49 This is absolutely a must for anyone traveling to Seoul.