Regular – Japan Tops List of Places Foreign Travelers Want to Visit After the Pandemic

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1. The pandemic has stopped foreign tourism to Japan, but a recent survey shows that the country still holds its allure as an overseas travel destination.

2. Inbound tourism to Japan had climbed to unprecedented levels until the coronavirus brought everything to a screeching halt.

3. Since April, the number of foreign visitors to the country has plummeted an incredible 99.9% as the government rolled out a broad travel ban to prevent the introduction of COVID-19 from overseas.

4. Although the border remains shut to most travelers, the situation has not dampened the enthusiasm of hopeful vacationers.

5. The Development Bank of Japan and Japan Travel Bureau Foundation conducted an online survey in June of would-be travelers in 12 countries to gauge how the coronavirus is affecting tourism sentiment. 

6. When asked about intentions to travel abroad after the pandemic, 82% of respondents expressed a desire to head overseas. Japan topped the list of post-corona travel destinations, with 46% of people saying they wanted to visit. South Korea was second-most popular at 22%, followed by Taiwan in third at 17%.

7. Interest in coming to Japan was particularly high among survey participants living in Asian countries, with more than half choosing the country as their preferred port of call.

8. The United States ranked first with respondents residing in Europe, North America, and Australia, but Japan was close behind in second, garnering more than 20% of votes as the most longed-for travel spot.


1. Where would you like to travel after the pandemic?

2. Where do you think is the good travel destination for foreigners in Japan?