TeamLab Creating Permanent Exhibition in Osaka Park

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Permanent TeamLab Exhibit Coming to Osaka - Osaka - Japan Travel

Warm up
—- * * FOR NEW STUDENTS ** ————————————— ————
  1. What industry do you work in and what is your role?
  2. What are your responses in your role / position?
  3. Can you describe to the function of your workplace / company?
  4. How many departments, how many offices. National or International?
  5. What are the minimum requirements for employment ie Education or Experience?
  6. How many opportunities are there to ‘move up the ladder’?
  7. What is the process for changing job roles ie Interview? Test?
————————————————– —— ——————————————————
General discussion about your workweek:
  1. Current projects? Deadlines? Opportunities?
  2. Anything of interest happening?
1. TeamLab, an international group that mixes art, technology and nature, is planning to open a permanent nighttime exhibition in Nagai Park in southern Osaka.
2. TeamLab uses technology to create art that asks questions about humansrelationship to the natural world. While many of its members are artists, many others are experts in other industries such as engineering and computer programming.

(1)Have you been to any of TeamLab’s exhibitions? If so, did you enjoy them? If not, would you like to?
(2)What are the most interesting art exhibitions you’ve been to?

3. The group began in 2001, and its art can be found in museums all around the world, including Australia, the US, Türkiye and Finlandas well as the TeamLab Borderless exhibition in Odaiba, Tokyo, which opened in 2018 but will be closing in August before moving to a new location in 2023.

4. Like other TeamLab projects, such as A Forest Where Gods Live in Kyushu, Japan, the goal of the exhibition is to bring attention to the natural beauty of the garden by using lights and other types of technology.
TeamLab “A Forest Where Gods Live” | Fukuoka Now
(1)Are there a lot of green spaces in your town or city?
(2)How often do you spend time in nature?
5. According to the group’s website, part of the idea of the exhibition is that technology can be used to make art from nature without hurting it.
6. TeamLab Botanical Garden Osaka will open on July 29, 2022. Tickets will cost around $12 for adults, and less than $4 for junior high and elementary school students. It will be open every evening between 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m., but will be closed the second and fourth Monday of every month.

(1)What are your thoughts on TeamLab’s new exhibition in Nagai Park?
(2)Are there any botanic gardens in your town or city? Do they often have events??
(3)Would you rather work as an artist or gardener? Why?

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