Unit 5 – School Supplies

School supplies

Let’s say the word together!

Listen and repeat.



What is this?

It is a pen.

Do you want a new pen?

Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.


What is this?

  1. It’s a pen.
  2. It’s a pencil.
  3. It’s a pencil case.
  4. It’s a book.
  5. It’s a notebook.
  6. It’s a blackboard.
  7. It’s a eraser.
  8. It’s a tape.
  9. They are scissors.
  10. It’s a desk.
  11. It’s a chair.
  12. It’s a bag.
  13. It’s a ruler.
  14. It’s a glue.
  15. It’s a sharpener.

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