Speech Exercise: Relaxing around the R Sound — American English(4:29)

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Warm up

  1. Which one do you think is harder, L or R sounds?
  2. Can you say rain and rake?
  3. How about real and rare?


  1. Start out with the a like the one in father
  2. slowly lift the middle of the tongue up, pull it back a little bit, and push your lip corners out a little
  3. go back and forth/don’t stop the airflow (“ar a” vs. “arrrrra”)
  4. arrrrrr arrrrr arrrrrrr
  5. rrrraaaa rrraaaa rrrraaa
  6. arrrrraaaaa
  7. “a” as in hat vowel
  8. errrrrreeeeeerrrrrreeeeerrreee
  9. “o” as in “oh my god”
  10. orrrrrooooorrrrorrrroooorroooo


  1. Can you say rhyme and ring?
  2. How about car and store?
  3. How about forest and burrow?
  4. Can you say real and library?
  5. How about collaborate?