Regular – Obesity (Himan) and Coronavirus

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Obesity ups COVID-19 death risk by 48 percent

1. Doctors say that the coronavirus is more serious for obese people. Obese people are very fat. Obesity makes COVID-19 more dangerous.

2. Researchers study 5,200 COVID-19 patients. The result of the study is very interesting. More than 30% of the patients are obese. These people end up in hospital more often.

3. For some people, the coronavirus is more dangerous. These are Black and Hispanic people. The reason is that many Black and Hispanic people are obese.

4. Obese people usually have other health problems, too. They often have diabetes or heart problems. It is more dangerous for them when they get sick from the coronavirus.

5. The coronavirus can hurt their lungs. Obese people have more fat around the lungs. The fat makes it more difficult to breathe.

Difficult words

obesity (when someone is very fat), diabetes (a disease in which the body has problems with sugar), lungs (the part of the body that helps people breathe).


1. Can you describe your eating habits?Are they healthy?

2. How about exercises?