How to Cook the Perfect Tomahawk Steak (2:55)

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Warm Up

  1. When and where was the last time you enjoyed steak?
  2. Have you ever tried Wagyu beef? How about Kobe beef? Do you think the taste is worth the price?
  3. Compare American steakhouses to Japanese teppanyaki.


  1. Why is it necessary to cook the steak in the oven after searing it on the grill?
  2. What are the three grades of beef in America?

Key Words & Phrases

  1. Partnering with
  2. Wagyu
  3. Tomahawk
  4. Bad boy
  5. Weigh in
  6. Whopping
  7. I’m all about
  8. Guess what?
  9. Generously
  10. Brings out the flavor
  11. Sear
  12. Smoking hot
  13. Flames lick up
  14. It’s just a thing of absolute beauty.
  15. Transfer
  16. Medium-rare
  17. Meat thermometer
  18. Ensure 100% accuracy
  19. Pull it from the oven
  20. 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius)
  21. It should be a crime to cook this quality of beef anything but medium-rare.
  22. Let it rest
  23. Reabsorb
  24. Tender
  25. Melts in your mouth like butter
  26. There is nothing quite like it
  27. Grades of beef
  28. We’re talking
  29. Fine dining
  30. Across America
  31. Legit
  32. Cut of beef
  33. Blow your mind
  34. Anxious
  35. Mopey
  36. Running out


  1. What did you think of the finished product in this video? Would you try this recipe?
  2. What is your preferred doneness of steak?
  3. Since this is a promotional video, it is not a perfect recipe. What are some problems or omissions that this video makes?
  4. Make a condensed recipe for this video!
  5. What additions could you add to this recipe? How would you plate, garnish and serve your steak?