2022/2/1(Tue)19:10-20:10 Emilio



To track my sleep/exercise/weight/temperature

Which helps find covid

To start on a positive note = to start with good energy

When you move into your new house, go talk to the neighbor to start on a positive note

To start your studies on a positive note, it is important to make friends

Scratch an itch = to satisfy a desire

I scratched my itch to travel = I could travel

I have an itch to try a new food

I have a desire to try a new food

To get a fix = to satisfy an addiction

I have a coffee fix

I went to get a coffee fix

Aimed squarely = perfectly made for / focused for

That movie was aimed squarely at me

Can you give me a rundown of the project

Disruption – interruption

Sorry to interrupt your conversations

Sorry to disrupt

To diagnose an illness

To diagnose a condition

I have diagnosed depression

I was diagnosed with cancer

Cognitive = the ability to think



This device is at the forefront of technology

The rapid deployment of aid

We will deploy new technologies such as smart boards…

He excels at math