Cairns Australia Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide(2:17)

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00:07 g’day mate and welcome to can with its
00:13 ken’s does vacation rights and makes for
00:15 a relaxing getaway spot and it’s the
00:19 Great Barrier Reef join us for an
00:21 insider look of hens Australia
00:26 failing up up and away in a balloon and
00:29 watching the sunrise is one of the most
00:32 incredible way to see cams
00:39 there are all kinds of obstacles here I
00:41 really thought I’m in a rainforest this
00:44 could possibly be the most fun I’ve ever
00:46 had in a day
00:50 ready
00:53 what’s so great about green island is
00:55 that there’s so many different ways to
00:58 whether it’s in a submarine or a
01:01 glass-bottom boat or hopping in a sea
01:03 walker where you’re here doesn’t even
01:05 get what
01:11 the sky will rainforest cable is one of
01:14 the most scenic ways to travel from
01:15 Cairns to kuranda we’re gonna hop aboard
01:20 a world war ii army duck to explore this
01:22 tropical ring for us from a unique
01:27 there’s such a variety of attractions
01:30 here at kuranda I’ll just show you you
01:33 have to learn how to throw a boomerang
01:34 there we go we’re gonna go if you have a
01:38 spear you have no fear you’re fishing
01:41 with the aboriginals is such an
01:42 authentic experience so we’re all
01:47 them
01:51 from water to rainforest a wildlife
01:54 there is so much to do here in Cache I
01:56 can’t believe I got to cut it with a
01:57 baby koala yeah and I was in my glory
02:00 snorkeling around with all the fishies
02:04 check out the vibe to our videos for Ken
02:05 to help plan your trip
02:12 you